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Einstein the Penguin (2021)  

When the Stewarts spend a frosty December day at London Zoo, they’re enchanted by one small penguin. To the delight of young Imogen and Arthur, Mrs Stewart insists he ‘must come and stay with them whenever he likes’. 


But not one Stewart expects the penguin to turn up at their door that evening, rucksack labelled ‘Einstein’ on his back…


And Einstein can’t stay forever, can he…?

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Einstein the Penguin (2022)

The Case of the Fishy Detective

Imogen and Arthur have been missing Einstein since he moved back to Australia. So when an encounter throws up an opportunity for the penguin to return to London they jump at the chance. But Einstein and his friend, Isaac, find themselves kidnapped. It’s time for Imogen and Arthur to turn detective again… 


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