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Event Testimonials

Please see testimonials from schools, festivals and parents below. I am currently taking bookings for further events, so please do get in touch with me via the contact page.

School and Festival Testimonials

"The children were so inspired by Iona's talk and the library was packed today with boys "writing their stories" - just as Iona had shown them her stories from her own childhood. She was a wonderful author - professional and funny, and the children were enraptured with her presentation. Boys have already asking 'when can Iona come back - for her next book?'."

– Dulwich College Junior School

"The children really enjoyed it and so did all the teachers! I've received emails from parents saying that their children came home buzzing and sharing all their thoughts about the morning."

– Glebe House School

"Iona gave a hugely entertaining and inspiring author talk to our pupils. She made her journey to becoming an author so relatable and her stories from younger days were such a joy to hear. There wasn't a moment when pupils were not fully enraptured. She is a fantastic advocate for reading, creative writing and the pupils have loved reading her novel"

– Gresham's Prep School

"Biggest audience, best book sales, most applause...Thank you very much indeed for putting on such a show!"

– Sea Fever Festival

Parent Testimonials

"My daughter saw you speak at her school today and was in awe of you and your book. She came home beaming about it and I just wanted to say thank you for how much you have inspired her."

– Farnham Parent

"You recently visited my son's school and he got a signed copy of your book. Normally I can't get him away from the TV, YouTube or Xbox but since getting a copy of your book he is fixated on reading it. He reads chapters to anyone that will listen. Thank you for dragging him away from technology!"

– Bognor Parent

"I just wanted to say thank you for coming to my son's school this week to talk about your book. He was so excited to meet an author and loved that he now has a book signed by one. I found him last night using his alarm clock as a light just to read some more of it!"

– Chichester Parent

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